9 best & easy exercises to get rid of waist fat


Women do have a propensity to put on weight in pelvic region without any precise reason. Thus,  it very important to follow a healthy lifestyle and check out if the waistline is exceeding the wanted limits.

More importantly, by exercising constantly, we can maintain the curvaceous figure, more particularly the curvaceous which are designed entirely for the waistline.

Some effective Exercises To Reduce Women Waist Fat:

Here are a few exercises to reduce and shed waist fat at home with no equipment.

1. Side Pulling:

Side to side pulling can help in reducing the bulges from the sides of the waist responsible to make you look wider.

What you need to do:

  • You are required to stand straight with legs joint and back straight
  • Then,  you ought to lift your arms high above your head, with fingers pointing at the ceiling
  • By  lifting your hands as high as possible, you need bend to the right side as far as you can till the stretch is felt on left side muscles
  • Keep this  position for 5 seconds and come back to position
  • You should perform 20 stretches on each side daily.

2. Air Cycling:

Cycling is a very useful exercise for the body, and cycling is not restricted to the bicycle only.

How to perform it:

  • You are required to lie flat on the floor with legs stretched out and hands on the sides
  • Then, you need to  lift both legs at the  same time  as well as bend at the knees and keep the calf parallel to the floor
  • You have stretch out one leg at a time, pushing it to point the wall in front and bringing it back to initial position
  • Repeating it with the legs alternatively will bring about movements of cycle riding
  • By regularly cycling a few minutes, you can improve the shape of the waist.


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